Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gabriella + Louise + Space Queen

I've got ALOT of essence on my nails right now.  And I love that!  I received a few of the essence Twins from my swap friend Dulce.  Gabriella and Louise don't go together by couple/name, but they match up really well anyways.   Just for fun I decided to top everything off with Space Queen because, well because I can.  Ha.

Gabriella is the twin to Troy (from High School Musical).  Gabriella is a beautiful violet purple with a purple/blue shimmer.  It really glows.  I used 2 coats of Gabriella and the formula was perfection!  Perfect coverage, beautiful color, uber shiny.  

I used 1 coat of Louise, from the Twin set Thelma and Louise.  Louise is a glitter top coat that consists of micro purple glitter with purple and violet squares in a clear base.  It's a very fun glitter, unlike anything have in my glitter stash.  This was another perfect formula.  I only needed 1 coat of Louise to get full glitter coverage on my nails. 

 For the grand finale, I put 1 coat of Space Queen on top of everything for an extra dose of sparkly bling.  Space Queen is an iridescent glitter top coat that flashes rainbow colors in the light.  The glitter is uni
form in size and suspended in a clear base.  I feel it gave a very fun touch to my mani.  

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  1. OMG, what an awesome combination, those colors and glitters look great on you!