Sunday, June 24, 2012

Uh, As If! + Black Shredded

I'm enjoying these bright summer colors, can you tell?  Today I'm wearing a neon pink with a pink shimmer.  It's Spoiled Uh, As If! and I really really like it!  This neon didn't dry nearly as matte as most neons do.  And a quick coat of topcoat really brought out the shimmer and shine.  UAI went on smoothly and evenly in 2 coats.  The formula was great and even better, the brush seemed smaller than the one in Are Mermaids Real? which I reviewed here.  So maybe Wet N Wild is listening to its consumers and improving that gosh-darn-awful brush they were using.

I've seen a lot of pink and black lately…Pretty & Polished Punk'd Up Betty, Nailventerous Evil Barbie, Lush Lacquer Pink Panther, F4 Polish Pink Penguin, etcetera etcetera.  I decided to make my own version of all the pink and black fun!  I put a coat of icing Black Shredded over UAI and I love how it looked!  I don't have Lacquistry Black Shredded so I have no idea how the icing version compares.   I believe it's the same general idea though, randomly sized and shaped shards of black matte glitter.  Maybe this is the scrap left over from the glitter punching machine and some evil genius thought, I bet nail polish hoarders would like this stuff - I'll throw it in a clear base and sell it!  Viola, shreddeds were born.  

Back to reality…Black Shredded was not at all difficult to work with.  The shreds went down easily and laid flat on my nails.  I only used 1 coat, wanting to go for a more minimal look while not covering up too much of the pink base.  If you were lemming after the Lacquistry version you may as well pick up a bottle from icing!  Trust me, you will like it.

You can get Spoiled at CVS for $1.99 and icing at icing By Claire's for $4.99.  


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