Monday, June 25, 2012

Dior Calypso

What can I say other than I'm in love.  Dior has been all the rage in one of my polish groups and I owned none.  Gasp, for shame.  I felt so left out.  My dearest husband recently went to Las Vegas and I promptly called up the Dior boutiques and put a few (or 10) items on hold.  He came back home with a bag of goodies for me and I literally squealed with excitement.  

I decided to wear one of the new summer colors first.  Calypso is a gorgeous bright red-orange, jelly finish, which they refer to as sorbet.   It's gorgeous.  It went on like a dream.  It's ultra shiny and squishy.  It is a jelly/sorbet so you will see the nail line.  Don't get worked up trying to get it opaque, it ain't gonna happen.  I used 3 coats, could have gotten away with 2 but I nicked one nail and added another coat.  I finished off with one layer of topcoat to give Calypso even more shine.

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  1. What a gorgeous colour it is!


  3. in this blog there are many photos that you belong ...