Friday, August 8, 2014

Berry Stripes featuring the Zoya Naturel Deux "Berrys"

Hey there, happy Friday!  It makes me happy when the week goes by quickly.  It also makes me happy when I have an idea for nail art and it actually turns out.  I wanted to try a layered look with the berry colored Zoyas from the Naturel Deux collection and this turned out just like I imagined.  If you missed my review of the Naturel Deux collection HERE or the "drizzled chocolate" nails I created using the browns from this collection HERE.  


I started with the lightest of the 3 berry shades - Madeline.  I used 2 coats to create a nice saturated base color.  I was going to use striping tape then decided that I could draw 3 lines freehand and they would be straight enough.  So about a third of the way down I drew a horizontal line using Aubrey.  I then painted my nail below that line.  I did the same thing with the bottom third of my nail using Marnie.  You can see my lines came out fairly crisp and straight, though they would have been more so if I had used the tape.  I finished up with a thick layer of topcoat.  I really do love the way these turned out.  The colors work so well together!

*indoor lighting*

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