Wednesday, August 13, 2014

KB Shimmer 6th Anniversary Collection

Good morning!  Sorry for no post yesterday, it's the last week of summer break for my kids and we've been out and about taking care of our summer bucket list.  We are headed out to the beach soon, but I wanted to drop this post and share this amazing trio with you!  This is KB Shimmer's 6th (YES SIXTH) Anniversary Collection and it's all kinds of fabulous!  A creme, a crelly and a super blingy full coverage glitter make up this set.  You can purchase each of these separately for $7.50/$8.75 each or as a set (3 full sized bottles) for $21.00!  I also did a nail art look using all 3 of these polishes and some of the new Nail Vinyl Decals, which are also available right now for $5.00 a sheet.  So let's look at the pictures and you can decide which you need!  


Shore Thing is a "bright aqua-mint cream with blue-green undertones."  It's such a refreshing and beautiful color, it really does bring a beach feel to my nails and I wish I had a tropical drink in hand while on a tropical island.  The formula was great, nice and creamy and easy to apply.  I used 3 thin coats of Shore Thing for full coverage and 1 layer of topcoat.

Beach Please is not only a hilarious name, it's an amazing polish!  Described as a "bright, near neon pink cream with purple leanings." I actually found Beach Please to be more of a crelly formula, but the end result is the same - a gorgeous pink that screams vacation!  After 2 coats I still had the tiniest bit of visible nail line so I applied a 3rd.  I did not use topcoat because Beach Please dried pretty shiny on it's own.  

Here is Hexy Bikini, a texture polish full of "holo glitters in silver, teal, and pink."  Hexy Bikini is uber blingy and sparkly.  It's a full coverage glitter texture with a great formula and easy application.  I used 2 coats of Hexy Bikini alone but you could easily use 1 coat over a base color for a fun, lightly glittered look.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat  

For this look I've used all 3 polishes from the Anniversary Collection with some of the new nail vinyls!  I started with Hexy Bikini on my index and ring finger nails.  I used 2 coats of Hexy Bikini and sprayed with quick dry spray.  Once completely dry I used tweezers to place the vinyls on my nails.  I tried the suggested method of placing the vinyl on my hand to take some of the super stick off but I found the vinyls didn't stick well enough then - so I place them directly on my nails straight from the sheet.  I then painted over my nails with Shore Thing and Beach Please, using 2 coats, and peeling the vinlys off while the paint was still wet.  Easy peasy!  I used Beach Please as a base for my middle finger and lightly dabbed Hexy Bikini on the tip for a glitter gradient look.  Shore Thing was the base on my pinky and I sponged Beach Please on the tip for a gradient look, topping the entire nail off with a light coat of Hexy Bikini.  Ta-Da!  Vinyls make the easiest nail art ever!

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