Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pahlish Fleur de Sel

Good afternoon!  This is my second post today but this beauty from Pahlish is so pretty I had to share it today!  Pahlish has been putting out amazing colors lately, specifically her "bespoke" ones which are very small batch and go rather quickly.  And yes, I am still sore over missing out on Lambrusco.  Fortunately this polish is currently available so if you love it head on over to buy it!  Pahlish is priced between $9 - $12 and there are tons of discontinued colors that are only $7.50 right now!  


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Fleur de Sel was insured by "raw unrefined pink salt and is a mix of various flakes intended to mimic the crystalline structure of salt."  It's  "soft blush pink-toned white jelly with a mix of micro-flakes in red metallic, shimmering white, and iridescent violet."  This polish is so delicate and pretty, very feminine.  I wore it for about 3 days and it was such a nice change of pace from all the uber bright neons and in your face colors that saturate this season.  Fleur de Sel had a great formula and applied very well.  I used 2 creamy coats of Fleur de Sel for full coverage and 1 layer of topcoat.  

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