Friday, August 1, 2014

Chocolate Drizzle featuring the Zoya Naturel Deux "Browns"

Good morning dears!  It's the first day of August and I have a sweet post to share with you today.  A couple days ago I received the Zoya Naturel Duex set and I immediately had 2 art ideas to try out with the different shade sets.  I must have been hungry when I pulled these out because I decided to use the browns first and give the sugar spun method a try - I thought it would look like drizzled chocolate, yum.  This is a fairly easy, but time consuming nail art.  As it was my first attempt it came out a little messier than I would have liked but it also really captured my inspiration and looks delicious!  So let's take a look at my pics and I'll tell you what I did!  Keep an eye out for regular swatches of the Naturel Deux collection and another nail art post featuring the 3 berrys!  The Nautrel Deux collection is available now and retails for $9 a bottle.  


The Naturel Deux collection has 3 brown cremes in shades that look so much like chocolate I couldn't resist maybe my nails look like chocolates.  I started with the middle shade brown, Chanelle which is described as a "full coverage toasted almond creme."  Chanelle has a fabulous formula and lovely creamy finish.  I then used the sugar spun method to create the chocolate drizzle.  I used Emilia first and carefully layed polish strings across my nail.  Emilia is the darkest of the 3 browns, described as a "full coverage dark chocolate cream."  Mmmmm, dark chocolate.  I finished by placing strings of Spencer, "a full coverage rich camel cream." Spencer looks an awful lot like caramel.  I finished it all off with a thick layer of topcoat, but you could also leave the look as is for a little texture.  

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