Sunday, August 3, 2014

Different Dimension Cosmologically Speaking Collection (partial review) & Diversion Oils

Good morning and happy Sunday!  Hope you've enjoyed your weekend!  Mine was pretty low key and I'll just be hanging at home today doing the usual Sunday type things.  Really I'm just waiting around for my favorite show to be on - True Blood.  Until then though I have a fabulous post full of an upcoming collection for you to enjoy!  I'm sure you are familiar with Different Dimension by now, but if not then you're going to love this polish!  The 3 polishes I have to share with you today will be available sometime early this month when the Cosmologically Speaking collection drops.  I'm really excited to see what else is in this collection!  Be sure to follow Different Dimension on Facebook and Instagram for information about the release date.  I also have a discount code for you to shop with!  You can get 20% off any order placed before 9/1/14 using code CPNADD!   


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Ultraviolet is a beautiful mauve linear holo with a touch of gold shimmer.  I'll admit that I generally stay away from mauve polish, but Ultraviolet actually leans a little more pink and the fact that it's holo makes it pretty awesome!  The formula and application of Ultraviolet were both great.  Nice coverage, creamy polish, smooth application.  I used 3 coats of Ultraviolet and no topcoat.  

Heavenly Waters is an amazing linear cobalt blue.  This is such a bright blue it's borderline neon!  My camera did flip a little while taking pictures and kept wanting to go hazy because the polish is so saturated.  Again, formula and application were both awesome.  Creamy and buttery and very opaque.  I used 2 coats of Heavenly Waters and 1 layer of topcoat.  

Finally I have Big Bang!  I love the name and the polish is really amazing!  I have recently become a sucker for anything holo micro glitter and Big Bang is all that!  This polish is PACKED with silver holo micro glitters and is super sparkly.  It also has really great coverage and the glitter payoff was perfect in 3 coats alone.  You can also wear this in 1 coat over a base color.  I finishes with 1 layer of topcoat, but Big Bang is a hungry glitter so you might want to use 2 coats or a gel topcoat.  

Missi will also be releasing The Diversion Oils with the Cosmologically Speaking Collection.  These will come shrink wrapped in plastic and I have 2 to share with you today as well.  Up first is HEADACHE.  Perfect because I have  been fighting through headaches alot lately and don't always like to take pills.  HEADACHE comes in a plastic tube with a plastic roller ball.  The description on the bottle says to "roll applicator on forehead, temples and back of neck.  Hold bottle 4-8 inches away from nose and slowly inhale."  Well I did just that.  At first I couldn't really tell anything was on my forehead.  About 5 minutes after applying I started to notice a slight cooling feel and it's pretty long lasting!  15 minutes later and it's still going strong.  My forehead and temples feel very cool and refreshed and my headache has diminished.  I also sniffed the bottle and enjoyed the pleasant peppermint scent.  

I also had a sample of the Cuticle Oil in JOLLY RANCHER scent to test out.  This came in a plastic bottle with a dropper top.  The bottle was easy to hold and I had no problems squeezing just a drop of oil out at a time.  I found the oil to be a very nice and moisturizing.  The dropper let me put a single drop onto my cuticles and it was completely absorbed within 5 minutes after rubbing it in. The JOLLY RANCHER scent was very candy like and pleasant, not overpowering at all.  It also lasted a good while, but does become more faint over time. 

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