Friday, August 29, 2014

Chaos & Crocodiles Secret Agent: Interrogation and Operation Vegas

Good afternoon!  Are you a secret agent?  Well I am!  A Chaos & Crocodiles Secret Agent that is.  Heehee!  I had the good fortune to meet Sarey, the creator of Chaos & Crocodiles while in Las Vegas and she was awesome.  Another indie maker that is truly passionate about her brand and looking to continually grow and add to the shop.  My hope is that she takes the success of the amazing Secret Agent collection and either adds to it or comes up with an entirely new holo line using the same formula because WOWZA the 2 polishes I am sharing now are fantastic!  I'm sharing these today because Sarey is having a PRE-ORDER tomorrow Saturday 8/30/14 from 12-1pm EDT.  The Secret Agent collection, the Vegas exclusive Operation Vegas and many more will be available.  Can I also tell you that the adorable little mascot crocodile - Chaos, is hand drawn by Sarey, as well as all his little friends that you see on the site.  How cute is that?!  So let's look at these amazing holos and you can start thinking about what you want to order on Saturday.

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Up first I have Interrogation.  Interrogation is a "coral-leaning orange linear holographic."  This is one super duper linear holo!  I completely love everything about it.  I found the formula creamy and smooth and the application was perfection.  I used 2 coats of Interrogation and no topcoat for my pictures.  This baby has mega holo-y-ness even in indoor lighting!  

 *indoor lighting*

And this vampy beauty is the Vegas exclusive, Operation Vegas.  This is kind of a hybrid color - shows up a little reddish, a little plummy, a little purple, a little blackened.  It actually looks different on all the bloggers I've seen wear it.  Operation Vegas has a very strong holo flame and it's full of winning.  I simply adore this polish and want to wear it all the time, seriously think about how pretty it is on a daily basis.   Much like Interrogation, the formula was creamy and smooth, while the application was flawless.  I used 2 coats of Operation Vegas and no topcoat.  *Operation Vegas is an LE and will likely be available in limited supply during the Saturday restock.
*indoor lighting*

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