Monday, August 4, 2014

Elevation Polish Ortler from the Italian Collection

Good evening!  Well as summer winds down and there are only 2 weeks left before school I will be a little scattered with the timing of my posts.  I have a short bucket list to get through with my kids.  But I am excited for the fun things I have planned with them as well as the gorgeous polishes I have coming up to share with you.  Let's start with a polish that will be available on the 7th of this month from Elevation Polish.  I picked this beauty up from a CosmoProf after party and whoa - I was weak in the knees!  Lulu has a pretty huge and dedicated fan base and these girls were chomping at the bit for some pink EvP's...Lulu delivered!  Ortler is part of the upcoming Italian Collection and will be available on 8/7 at 9pm Central for $9.00.  Let's take a look at this soon to be released beauty! 


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Ortler is a pink "low density" holographic polish. This is a really unique shade of pink (that seems to lean magenta) and I'm pretty sure I have nothing like it in my personal stash!  It's a gorgeous color, and the formula was fantastic.  Ortler is very creamy and opaque.  The application was smooth and easy to work with.  I used 2 coats of Ortler and no topcoat.  

*indoor lighting*

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