Friday, August 22, 2014

Zoya Ignite Collection

Good evening!  Stopping by with a post chalk full of gorgeous shimmery, metallic micro flakie Fall colors that make up the new Zoya Ignite Collection!  If you didn't order these yet you might want to go ahead and get the entire collection because they will 100% get you in the mood for everything Fall!  Thee polishes are available individually for $9 each of the entire set of 6 for $54.  The new collections are part of this but there is a BOGO going on!  Now through 8/24 use the code SBOGO *exclusions apply.*  Before I talk about the individual polishes let me just say that all 6 had amazingly creamy and smooth formulas.  They were opaque and had great coverage.  Each set of pictures shows 2 coats of the polish and NO topcoat.  


First up is Teigen, a "pink toned cranberry with a copper liquid metal."  I love the pink shade and the contrast of the copper/gold micro flakes.  It is a dazzler in the sunshine, but in the shade you can see it's depth.  

One of my favorites in the Ignite collection, Autumn.  Autumn is a "varnished copper liquid metal."  Just look at how perfect this color is for the Fall season!  The gold micro flakes are a perfect compliment to the base color.   There is definitely a more metallic look in the sunshine and in the shade the depth is apparent. 

Here is my top choice for the collection.  If you can only pick one this is the one I'd recommend.  India is a perfect color for the Fall but it will also work well with the luxe and lush fabrics and colors that come out every winter.  India is a "deep, luxurious red with gold liquid metal."  Such a gorgeous and rich color.  

Sansa is another gorgeous color in this collection.  Sansa is a "deep eggplant with a gold metallic sparkle."  This color is very majestic.  I am a fan of gold and purple together so I think this really works.  In the shade it almost looks like a completely different color - which is equally gorgeous to it's sunshine look.  

Yuna is a "warm grey with copper and gold liquid metal."  I kind of feel that it's more of a slate shade but that makes no difference on how lovely it is.  I am quite surprised with how well the copper and gold micro flakes work with the base.  I suppose it's another case of perfectly contrasting.  

Finally we have Remy.  Remy is a "brilliant indigo with copper and gold liquid metallic."  My pictures did not capture the true color of Remy - it's more teal than blue in real life.  This is another very rich and luxurious shade - perfect for transitioning into Winter.  I only used 1 coat of Remy (one coater alert!).  But heed my warning, Remy is a skin stainer!  So apply carefully and use some vaseline around your nail beds before you remove it.

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