Thursday, August 21, 2014

Red Dog Designs Hot Tamale

Good morning!  With Gina's announcement that Red Dog Designs will be re-opening shop on September 1st I thought I'd share one of the gorgeous one of a kinds that she sent my way.  I've had this for a long while, so long I can't even remember when she actually sent it.  I've gazed at it lovingly and finally decided I needed to wear it despite the mini bottle and the feat that it will run out quickly.  I really think she should make this and add it to her shop - it's so amazing!  I'll admit I feel kind of bad sharing ooak's like this since it's not available.  But maybe if we all ask nicely she will do a sexy collection full of holos like this one!  


Red Dog Designs: Shop, Facebook, Instagram

Sooooo Hot Tamale.   Yeah, what can I really say here?  Picture speak a thousand words.  But I'll add a few extra words.  This little beauty is a metallic red holo.  It's like red red.  Like Hot Tamale sting your tongue cinnamon candy red.  And so pretty.  I felt uber sexy when I had it on my nails.  Hot Tamale has quite a bit of purple in the flare which is nice, it adds some extra pizazz.  The formula was fantastic, creamy and opaque.  Hot Tamale could easily be a one coater, but that darn mini brush wouldn't let me get enough polish on it so I used 2 coats.  I finished with a layer of topcoat.  

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