Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bicicletta

Good morning and happy start to a 3 day weekend!  Well hopefully you have a 3 day weekend.  I'm slightly bummed because I wanted to head out to the Reno Rib Cook Off but it just didn't happen this year.  Oh well, we can make ribs here and drink beer in the backyard.  But I thought I'd toss up a quick post and share this gorgeous, demure pink polish from Rescue Beauty Lounge.  I picked this up during the pre-order and it doesn't look like the Italian Summer collection is available just yet, but keep your eyes peeled because the entire collection is pretty amazing.  I'll have pictures of Oliveta and Motorini to share soon.  The Italian Summer collection will be $20 each when it is available.  

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Bicicletta was inspired by an image Ji saw during a trip to Sorrento.  She saw a "dark-haired little girl in a bikini riding a bike with training wheels.  The bike was pale pink and it sparkled and twinkled in the sun, the matching streamers flying."  I can completely picture this adorable little bike, as much as I can picture my own half Italian, dark haired daughter riding it.  Bicicletta is a perfect little girl shade of pink but done in a grown up girl way.  It's full of teeny tiny, shimmery micro glitters in pink and silver shades.  The formula and application were both great, no issues to bring up.  I used 3 coats of Bicicletta for full coverage and 1 layer of topcoat.   

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