Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gena Spa Gentle Exfoliating Sugar Scrub & Hydrating Cuticle Gel

Any of you night owls up?  I have a late post for you...featuring some fabulous hand care products from Gena Spa.  The Gena Mani Spa products are made with an exclusive Argan Oil complex and a refreshing pink grapefruit scent.  You can learn more about Gena Spa online and you can purchase them at Sally's.


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Gena Mani Spa Gentle Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is exactly that.  A gentle sugar scrub that sloughs away dry skin and smooths your hands.  I enjoyed the light, citrus scent of pink grapefruit.  It was fresh and invigorating.  The scrub itself was really high quality, a very fine sugar in a think, creamy (almost lotion like) consistency.  The sugar makes for a very gentle but effective scrub and when rubbed in it looks like lotion.  I only needed a small amount, about 1 teaspoon and it was enough to cover both hands - a little goes a long way. 

The Gentle Exfoliating Sugar Scrub has a very handy flip top lid that is highly convenient.

Here you can see how this scrub is jam packed full of the sugar granules!

Look how thick this scrub is!  It's not oil based so it doesn't run all over the place.  No mixing required, just scoop a little out and rub it in.

All rubbed really looks like lotion!  It is definitely as creamy and moisturizing as lotion.

Last picture shows how my hand looks after I washed off all the scrub.  My hands were soft, moisturized and lightly scented with pink grapefruit.  I am totally in love with this scrub!

The next product I have to share is another really fantastic one!  The Gena Mani Spa Hydrating Cuticle Gel is an innovative and unique cuticle care product.  This cuticle gel comes in a small bottle with a dropper that is beyond easy to use.  The dropper pulls the gel up easily and allows you to place it right where you want it.  And it stays put!  You don't have to rub it in immediately and you don't have to worry about oil dripping off your nails and getting all over the place.  I found the cuticle gel easy to use and hydrating.  I enjoyed the light and fresh fragrance that was left on my fingers after I rubbed in the cuticle gel.  

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