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Press Release: Girly Bits Cosmetics What Really Happened In Vegas, Vegas LE's, and Blogger Collaborations!

I've got some information for you regarding some AMAZING upcoming Girly Bits!  If you were waiting for the release of What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Instagram then your wait is almost over!  You can see my post featuring What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Instagram HERE.  What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Facebook will also be available and you can see my post for that one HERE!
Product Release date: Thursday, August 21st at 12noon EDT
Individual Product Price: $12.00 each
What Really Happened In Vegas Collection Price: $48.00 (set of 4) ~ SHOP EARLY AND SAVE ~ only $44.00 (set of 4) until Sunday August 31st at 3pm EDT

Girly Bits Cosmetics Announces The Release Of A Vegas Inspired Collection, Two Vegas Limited Edition Exclusives And Two Blogger Collaborations

What Really Happened In Vegas Collection of 4 (Individual shade descriptions below.)
What Really Happened in Vegas is a collection of 4 polishes inspired by memorable things that happened while we were in Vegas this year for the Cosmoprof North America trade show. We had the pleasure of meeting many amazing bloggers and brands, and had the best time laughing, chatting about the ‘biz’ and forming amazing friendships. Of course when you gather a group of women, and add a glass or two of wine… well let’s just say there was a lot of silliness, some of which inspired the names for these 4 polishes.

girly-bits-cosmetics-too-hot-for-pants.jpgToo Hot For Pants
Too Hot For Pants is a glowy fuchsia-red jelly, loaded with red and fuchsia shimmer and holo micro glitter. Lit from within! Just like us while in Vegas.
I am Canadian. I am used to hot, humid, sticky summer weather. Vegas is a dry heat. But it is still HEAT. And it was definitely too hot for pants. Thank goodness for maxi dresses!

girly-bits-cosmetics-selfie-bomb.jpgSelfie Bomb
Selfie Bomb is a sparkly gold holo micro glitter shimmer combination accented with pink and lavender microglitter.
Selfie Bomb was inspired by a moment at the Sparkle & Wine event, when Linda from Nail Vinyls was attempting to take a picture of me and Missi from Different Dimension using her phone. Missi and I put on our best glam faces for Linda, as she raised her phone for the perfect shot. What she didn’t realise, is that she had flipped the camera app to take a selfie and basically selfie bombed our picture.

girly-bits-cosmetics-protect-your-girly-bits.jpgProtect Your Girly Bits
Protect Your Girly Bits is a purple scattered holographic polish, accented with flashes of red micro glitter.
Since we were co-hosting an event at Mandalay Bay, we had a fair amount of polish there with us, and between shopping and receiving samples we somehow end up leaving with more than we came with. I did bring a fair amount of packing materials with me but I ran out, so I had to do some creative packing to be able to ship everything home. I just happened to have some… umm…left over feminine hygiene products with me that I no longer needed, and no room in my suitcase to bring home any way. Thank you Always®, for being the perfect size to wrap around a bottle of polish and protect my Girly Bits!!

girly-bits-cosmetics-accidental-ppv.jpgAccidental PPV
Accidental Pay Per View is a silver holographic polish, accented with glowy blue shimmer and a subtle turquoise flash.
Three polish makers, who shall remain unnamed to protect the innocent, were sharing a room while in Vegas and one evening among wine and pedicures on tired feet, they were channel surfing for something fun to watch. Somehow, they accidentally clicked on a pay per view channel and next thing you know they had subscribed to watch a movie. Not so bad, except the type of movie they accidentally ordered is not exactly the type of movie you want showing up on your hotel bill. Ooops! XXX

girly-bits-cosmetics-what-happens-in-vegas-ends-up-on-instagram.jpgWhat Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Instagram
What Happens in Vegas….Ends up on Instagram is a bright raspberry-fuchsia scattered holographic polish, with flashes of glowy purple micro glitter, and bright pink micro glitter. Very flashy and blingy, just like Vegas.
WHIVEUOIG was created exclusively for Sparkle & Wine - a blogger/brand/stockist event co-hosted by Girly Bits and KBShimmer at Mandalay Bay while we were attending Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas this year. It will be available for a limited time ONLY (Aug 21-31)
We are also re-launching last year’s exclusive Cosmoprof NA polish for a limited time. (Aug21-31)

girly-bits-cosmetics-what-happens-in-vegas-ends-up-on-facebook.jpgWhat Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Facebook (Relaunch)
What Happens in Vegas…Ends up on Facebook is a medium plummy holographic polish, with flashes of glowy purple microglitter.
WHIVEUOFB was created exclusively for bloggers we met while attending Cosmoprof North America in 2013. It was released in limited quantity, and quickly sold out. We are bringing it back for a limited time ONLY (Aug 21-31)

girly-bits-cosmetics-seriously-sassy.jpgSeriously Sassy
Seriously Sassy is a collaboration polish with Sassy Shelly, for her 2 year blog anniversary.
It is a royal purple jelly, with blue to purple colour shifting glitter.

girly-bits-cosmetics-mint-al-precision-polished-to-precision.jpgMint-al Precision
Mint-al Precision is a collaboration polish with Polished To Precision for her 1 year blog anniversary.
It is an aqua-mint shimmer, loaded with green and blue shifting flakes.
Girly Bits Cosmetics is a Canadian company that has been handcrafting quality nail polish since 2011 in a dazzling array of colours and finishes. As a brand dedicated to providing cruelty free, on-trend and unique products, Girly Bits Cosmetics is well known for outstanding customer service, charitable donations and custom nail polishes dedicated to lost loved ones. Available at 9 on-line retailers around the globe, and a growing number of brick and mortar stores, you can be sure to easily find the season’s hottest new shades, as well as timeless customer favourites.
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