Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Zoya Entice Collection

Good evening fellow polish addicts.  I have the Zoya Entice Collection for you this warm (ok hot) night and maybe these cremes will raise your own body temperature just looking at them!  These cremes are amazingly creamy and smooth.  All 6 of them applied like a dream.  If you have a heavy hand I imagine they could all be one coaters for you, yet I tend to go light on coats so I used 2 layers for each set of pictures (unless otherwise noted).  I also didn't use any topcoat because they are all perfectly shiny on their own.  My photos are all in direct sunlight.  So let's jump in and check out the pictures of the fabulously cozy Fall colors that make up the Entice collection.


Nyssa is a beautiful "milk chocolate brown" creme.  I love this classy shade of brown, it's absolutely perfect for the Fall season.  Doesn't it just remind you of a cozy sweater that you want to wrap up in?

Veronica is a "brilliant red wine" creme.  This shade is amazing.  It's vibrant but not overdone.  Veronica was extremely opaque and I only needed 1 coat for full coverage!

Margo is a "modern red plum" creme.  I'd definitely classify this as more of a pink berry shade, but it's still lovely.  

Bring on the vamp...this is Claire.  Claire is a "warm, rich burgundy."  I am completely in love with this shade, it's so deep and rich, so luxurious.  It will be perfect to compliment so many Autumn outfits.

Genevieve is a "cool leather grey" creme.  This one took me by surprise because it actually has a very slight shimmer to it.  I am quite fond of this shade, it's neutral to match many other colors yet it's not a nude.  

And lastly we have Ryan, a "classic indigo" creme.  It's actually a bit deeper than my pictures are showing - more of a navy shade.  This definitely reminds me of rich jewels.  This does cause a bit of skin staining so be careful when you paint and remove Ryan.  

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